Sexual Orientation and the Bible – Part II

This series by Brother Mark is being crossposted from our Facebook Page Since the Bible does not address gender in terms other than male and female, all classifications save one, listed in a previous post on this subject, have no Biblical bearing, no Biblical support. The one is "H", heterosexual. The Bible does, however, address sexual behaviors. It covers those behaviors from thinking about sex (lusting) to the various methods through which humans might participate in sex or in sexual acts. Please bear in mind that homosexuality in any form, that is, sex between men or sex between women, is not mentioned in the Bible. The words "homosexual" and "homosexuality" were coined during the late 1800's and could not therefore, have been used in the Bible which was written thousands of years ago. The behaviors that are components of homosexuality are mentioned repeatedly throughout the Bible.

Sexual Orientation and the Bible – Part I

This series by Brother Mark is being crossposted from our Facebook Page Thus far, Moyock Christian Fellowship has made few comments about sexuality, though we have stated that we believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God. We do not pick and choose verses to support our beliefs; we believe the entire Bible to be the word of God, inspired by God, written down by man.On the subject of human sexuality, we recognize that it is a difficult and complex subject to address, especially when the Bible is added to the discussion. However, during this, still the first week of the new Presidential administration, the President has already signed an executive order on sexuality. In part, because of the President's action, I believe it is time to have a discussion on sexuality and our beliefs.