Moyock Christian Fellowship (MCF) marks two YouTube milestones

God has taken us on an incredible ride since the founding of MCF. From our humble beginnings as a Facebook page, to our website at and later to YouTube and Instagram. We have taken advantage of the paths God placed before us. We have been challenged with incredible tasks by God, and even though we lacked the skills necessary in some cases to meet the need, we had faith in God to provide the means. When God says go, we go. We give God all the glory for the places he has taken us including landing our messages in over 130 countries world wide.

MCF News – President Jimmy Carter Hospitalized

President Jimmy Carter was admitted to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on Monday. He has had several falls in the last several months resulting in pressure on the brain. He has undergone a procedure to reduce the pressure and is need of our prayers. The former President is 95 years old and resting comfortably with … Continue reading MCF News – President Jimmy Carter Hospitalized

MCF News – The United Methodist Split

Bishop Kenneth H. Carter, president of the Council of Bishops for the United Methodist Church recently suggested setting aside the denominations policy on churches that wish to leave the denomination and keep their church property. This recommendation ahead of the denominations split next year over the issue of homosexuality would allow churches to maintain ownership … Continue reading MCF News – The United Methodist Split