Did United Methodist News hear me?

Since the death needless of George Floyd, UMNews has bombarded its readers with "Social Justice Warriorism." Article after article and post after post were focused on "systemic" racism. Pastors jumped on the train, mostly being conducted by liberal bishops. As a former United Methodists, I was surprised to read how racist my old denomination was, but there it was week after week. Posts on ending racism were all over the UMC. Programs to help United Methodist to become "WOKE," were popping up, leading readers to think how horrible the white man must be.

Faith Leaders to Watch or False Idols

Jeffrey Walton wrote a great article over at the Institute on Religion & Democracy Blog Juicy Ecumenism titled Oliveto, Tisby and Butler Named Progressive Faith Leaders to Watch.  I had a few thoughts on this article which I left in the comments on the blog.  Walton’s article is a quick read and will give you a better understanding of my thoughts here. 

News for You

We just added two new articles to our News for You page (found along the top menu on the website). These two new articles from Good News Magazine and the Institute on Religion and Democracy discuss the money grab being made by the post separation UMC (psUMC), and the actions of liberal bishops to undermine traditionalists churches ahead of the separation.

Why and When Traditional United Methodist Congregations should withhold tithing

Both Good News Magazine and Juicy Ecumenism continually post about the dangers of the current construct of the United Methodist Church (UMC), its Bishops, and especially the liberal Council of Bishops, but they never seem to address it as a problem. The new Global Methodist Church (GMC) is already poised to establish nearly the same construct in their new denomination. But why?

Welcome and Thank You to our Guests and Visitors around the World

I do my best to remember to say thank you to our visitors and returning guests, but despite my best intentions I seem to fail to remember to do so. As of today, this site has been visited by individuals in 134 countries around the world. I copied and pasted all 134 from our website statistics page below. I think one of the neat things about the list, are the countries that either have a very small Christian population or theoretically none at all.

United Methodist Church prepares path for first Drag Queen to be Ordained

Yes, you read that headline correctly. The liberal progressive arm of the United Methodist Church just paved the way for its first, gay and practicing drag queen to be ordained. The Illinois-Great Rivers Annual Conference (IGRC), Vermillion River District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM) unanimously approved Isaac Simmons, an openly gay man and publicly practicing drag queen, as a candidate for ministry.