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The Book of Jeremiah – Part III – with Brother Mark

Join us as Brother Mark walks us thru Part III of our series on the Book of Jeremiah.

I would like to thank Mark and Brian for making Sunday at my Home easier for me.  Much of last week was spent sleeping thanks to big pharma, after suffering a back injury a week ago as I practice tumbling on a busy ski slope.  I appreciate them bringing breakfast to me.

The Sunday message can be found here.  The edited version came out very well.  Brian’s intro has a fresh new look, and as Mark suggested the format for inserted scripture is easier on the eyes.  I may stumble a bit as we transition to the new video editing software.

I hope you enjoy the video, and never lose sight of the struggles we face as Christians.  As we have discussed many times, being a Christian is hard work and not a passive activity.  Living out life as imitators of Jesus Christ means we sacrifice for Him.  I am continually humbled by our shared walk with our Lord and Savior.

Blessings to all, Brother Thom

Brother Mark continues our series on the Book of Jeremiah.
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