Public Service Message – Is Your United Methodist Local Church ready for Split?

As many of our regular guests are aware, our founders here at Moyock Christian Fellowship (MCF) left the United Methodist Church (UMC) in August of 2019. The UMC has been embroiled in controversy over two issues for decades which have come to a boil, and now are at explosive temperature. At issue are two very different ideologies:

  • Traditionalist: Believe the entire Bible to be the word of God, and are opposed to gay clergy and same sex marriage.
    • This group is pro-life.
    • This group is not anti-gay, and welcome all while adhearing to the scriptures.
  • Progressives (liberals): Believe that parts of the Bible no longer apply to a progressive world and can be set aside as relevant scripture. Progressives also want gay clergy and same sex weddings in the church.
    • This group is pro-abortion.
    • This group paints traditionalist as anti-gay for their belief in the scriputes.

These are diametrically opposed ideologies, and there is no middle ground here. The UMC denomination has postponed its general conference to vote on the separation (split) since 2020, and will likely postpone again this year. Veiled as COVID safety measures, progressives are delaying the conference to delay the collapse of what will be left of the UMC when traditionalists depart. Daniel Dalton is a leading attorney in the process of separating local churches from the denomination. This is his most recent update for local churches.

Dalton & Tomich, PLC