When someone needs prayer, we should pray immediately, right then and there

We Join in Prayer for the Rev. Terry Michael Williams of Centenary United Methodist Church, New Bern, NC

Rev. Terry Michael Williams

Earlier this morning Brother Mark posted a prayer to our Facebook page for Michael. Several years ago Michael pastored a church we attended before forming Moyock Christian Fellowship. While we may have some philosophical and theological differences with Michael, that does not negate our Christian love for him, nor does it interfere with our sharing with him, the Grace that God has shared with all of us.

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

Jesus Christ, Matthew 18:20

We call on our 1.6K followers on YouTube and thousands of guests here on our website, to join us in a prayer of healing for Michael.  I only share those numbers to illustrate the power we might enlist in our numbers as we ask God for favor (see quote above).

Dear God, Creator of all, Mentor to Many, Friend to those who will allow You into their hearts: On this wonderful day that You have created for us; a day with clear air and cool temperatures, I pray that You will be with Michael Williams and his family. Michael is seriously ill with diabetes that is now out of control. His family and those who know him are saddened by this news and pray that You will be able to bring him out of his coma; help him to take better control of his disease, and if it is Your will; keep him close to You. Please guide his doctors and health caregivers in restoring his health and bringing Michael to a new place in life, a place where his love for You is deep and clear; a place where he can successfully guide others to You and all that You are. Please bring him back to us and make him a true fisher of men, a modern apostle walking among the needy. I pray these things in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Brother Mark

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