When someone needs prayer, we should pray immediately, right then and there

Today we gather in prayer for a young man and his family, who was involved in a motorcycle accident in our community.

Dear God, My Creator, My Father, My Friend:  Thank You for bringing me safely through the past week and a half of working on a ladder in my yard.  Since losing the use of my ankles many years ago and with the added neuropathy which has eliminated all sensation in my feet, ladders are not the safest places for me to be.  Getting my work done was a blessing in itself, though this will be the last time I tempt fate.  As You survey this world You created, please place Your healing hands on the soul of Justin Hartley.  Having lost a foot in an accident this week, he is only beginning to travel down a road that will last the remainder of his life.  Please surround he and his family with love and compassion and help them to seek those things in this that are blessings.  Give them the grace to accept what is, the faith to believe that You are there for them, and the strength of heart to continue living in Your spirit.  Help them to understand that there are times when we all need to ask for help and trust that their neighbors will provide it.  Please be with Justin’s medical team, his attorneys as the legal aspects of his case develop, and with his children as they cope with real changes in their lives.  Give his wife the strength to have compassion when remorse overtakes him, to maintain her love for him when he feels sorry for himself, and to always be with the entire Hartley family.  I pray these things in the name of Your precious son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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