When someone needs prayer, we should pray immediately, right then and there

One of our Sisters from Emmaus is in need of prayer. So, let’s stop immediately and pray.

Our Dear Father God, we are so blessed by your grace so abundantly shared with your children.  We live out each day to glorify Your Name, and serve Your people in Christ’s Name.  Today we come to you in fervent prayer for our sister from Emmaus, Cheryl.  Following a biopsy under her arm, she developed a large hematoma.  She was taken to the ER at Princess Anne, and today will have a procedure to clean out the hematoma.  So we come to You in prayer, that as the great healer, You would guide the hands of the doctors, nurses and medical staff caring for her.  We gather in prayer in places around the world, in Your Name, asking for healing and return to full heath that she would be able to return to service as Your hands and feet hear in earth.  We pray all these things in the precious name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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