One thought on “More than just one sin

  1. I should tell you that I made this meme because I am continually running into folks who are absolutely fixated on one sin. Some folks can’t break free from telling gays they are going to hell, others think alcohol is among the worst sins on the planet and the list goes on. I’m particularly stuck on the sin of murder which is sanctioned in the United States in the form of abortion. I lack the ability to understand this sin, and those who commit it. So I understand being fixated on a sin. That said, it’s important that we remember two things. First, there are 125 sins mentioned in the Bible, so it goes without saying that we’re all sinning right now. The second and most important thing is no one on earth gets to decide who is and who is not going to hell or heaven. That authority rests with God, and God alone.

    There is one more thing worth noting, and I’m speaking for myself and maybe some of you as well. My purpose on this planet is to help others learn about Jesus Christ, come to know Him, and hopefully also follow Him. It’s impossible for me to save a sinner, as I’m called to do by Jesus Christ if I run them off with hate speech first.

    Be kind today, and do your best to save a sinner. Someone else saved you.


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