A return to the Outer Banks (OBX) for a meeting with No Name

Last night the men of Moyock Christian Fellowship traveled south down the beach to Liberty Christian Fellowship in Kill Devil Hills, NC (OBX) for the first Men’s Gathering in nearly 15 months.  We have traditionally called this gathering of Christian men for a common meal, fellowship, testimony, and prayer the “100 Men Dinner.”  The reality is the gathering has no official name, has been happening nearly monthly for over 20 years, and is attended by men from roughly 25 different churches and a number of denominations and non-denominations.  Attendance ranges from 12 to 120.

This gathering went into hiatus in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, and relaunched last night.  We gathered outdoors at Liberty’s Camp Emmanuel for a meal of hot dogs, coleslaw, chili, and potato salad before moving to the Camp’s outdoor amphitheater where we gathered around a large fire.  These gatherings traditionally start at 6pm, but to take advantage of daylight since we were outside, we met at 5pm which worked out very well. 

It was a wonderful night gathered with so many of God’s children.  If you come once, you’ll likely be hooked if you’re walking with Jesus, or even new to a walk with Jesus.  I hope to see you there…

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