Serving God by Serving Others

On Wednesday, God blessed Brother Mark and I with an opportunity to serve the homeless of Virginia Beach.  We have been talking about volunteering at PIN Ministy (People in Need) for a while now, and frankly trying to figure out how to fit it into our already busy schedules.  Last week we decided we couldn’t wait any longer, and simply had to make it work.  We are so glad we did, and here's why:

Welcome and Thank You to our Guests and Visitors around the World

I do my best to remember to say thank you to our visitors and returning guests, but despite my best intentions I seem to fail to remember to do so. As of today, this site has been visited by individuals in 134 countries around the world. I copied and pasted all 134 from our website statistics page below. I think one of the neat things about the list, are the countries that either have a very small Christian population or theoretically none at all.