Third Day of Passover – Foods Rich in History, Tradition, and Symbolism

Day Three Today is the Third Day of Passover and thought this would be a good time to discuss some of the Jewish Traditions and Laws of Passover. Before I get onto this, I want to remind you that it was only after God inflicted Egypt with the Tenth and final plague that the Pharoah … Continue reading Third Day of Passover – Foods Rich in History, Tradition, and Symbolism

First Day of Passover – What Christians Should Know

Last night at dusk marked the beginning of Passover, and today March 28 is the 1st Day of Passover.  This Jewish Holiday commemorates the freeing of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.  Yesterday I discussed the importance of this Holiday to Christians (here), and why we should at least be very aware of Passover though we don’t celebrate it.  The Hebrew word for Passover is Pesach, which means to “pass over.”  The book of Exodus tells this story in both the Christian Bible and the Hebrew Bible. We have six video Sunday messages on Exodus (here), (here), (here), (here), (here), and (here).

Today marks the start of Passover – This is important to Christians

If you have been following our Sunday Bible Bites (here), then you probably understand the relationship between Christianity and Judaism, if not our series on the Bible started with Genesis in the Old Testament, and we're currently working our way thru 1 Kings and 2 Kings. The Old Testament is often overlooked today by more progressive and liberal denominations and churches, but without it, fully understanding the New Testament and The Gospel of Jesus Christ is impossible. As Christians our roots are undeniably intertwined with Judaism. Understanding that can broaden your relationship with Jesus Christ in ways you never imagined.

Pastors need to be Strong and Courageous Men and Women of God, not of Political Correctness

At the risk of seeming "Orwellian," I'll say this; we have been commanded to be strong and of good courage, not to be afraid nor dismayed, but many pastors are very afraid.  I'm unclear on why they are afraid but there are a number of possibilities.  Are they in fear of the virus, or maybe their DS or bishop if they violated the stay-at-home order?  Were they afraid of being locked up like Pastor James Coats who was only released Monday night by a Canadian Judge?   

Honesty and Every Day Life

I am not sure how or why we often switch from the truth to lies. Sometimes I am not even sure if we ever really tell the truth. Maybe what passes between our lips is more often simply our version of the events happening to us or around us. Maybe, like Adam (the guy in the garden), we just head down the not quite true path without giving it much thought.