MCF Men’s Retreat – Update #1

Hopefully you read our post yesterday about our first Men’s retreat since founding this church in August 2019. I took 7 men on a retreat at the church we were with in 2018 to Wintergreen, VA for a 3 day retreat. It was a great event, but the mass exodus of members leaving our old church including the the three founders of MCF prevented us from holding a second retreat.

So here we are today, not even two and half years later, and we’re headed back to the mountains of Virginia not far from the location of the 2018 retreat. Retreats are so important, for so many reasons of spiritual growth, fellowship and an opportunity to walk with Jesus on the road to Emmaus.

We’re about 4 hours away from departure, and based on the emails from last night, we’re all charged up and ready for both the journey to from the Beach to the Mountains, and more importantly the journey to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Keep checking in as we share our journey with all of you.

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