Lord in Your Mercy, hear our Prayers for Ashli Babbit’s husband and family

The insurrection that occurred at the United States Capital on 6 January 2021, the life of 35 year old Ashli Babbit. She traveled from San Diego, Ca to participate in the event at the Ellipse in Washington DC. She was a 14 year Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and we are deeply saddened by her loss.

Ashley Babbit

Dear Father God, we come to you in fervent prayer for the family and friends of Ashley Babbit. We pray for an end to violent protest no matter their origin. These are deeply troubling times with half of all American’s increasingly distrusting of our government. We were witness to an election that were the shoes of the Democrats, it would have resulted in devastating riots, looting, arson and assaults. By every account Ashli was a true patriot who cared so deeply about her country and the constitution she swore and oath to protect, that she traveled across the very fabric of America to make her voice known. We ask that you wrap her husband Aaron and family in a hedge of protection, comfort them, and bring them peace. Lastly we ask that you cover our Nation in calm that we may continue to do your will. We pray these things in your Son Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee said she was shot by a Capitol police officer with a service weapon.

10 thoughts on “Lord in Your Mercy, hear our Prayers for Ashli Babbit’s husband and family

    • Without question, Ashli Babbit made a bad and very poor decision. I don’t know anything about her faith, so I’ll leave that judgment up to God. However, saying “she got what she deserved,” would also suggest you think George Floyd got what he deserved. Neither is true of course. Both were in the commission of crimes at the time of their death, both were shot by law enforcement, but neither died because they deserved it.


  1. Innocent souls do not break into our capital. Shame on this church. God is not political, don’t blame Dems, Ashley and others made a choice to break the law and now justice needs to be served. May God allow justice to move forward and this fake church to quit misleading it’s congregation.


    • I think if you read our post again, you’ll find that nothing you assert is denied. It is true she was part of the insurrection that illegally entered the Capitol and took it under siege. What she participated in was criminal and in violation of a number of laws. But while the laws of our Nation might not forgive her actions, God most certainly would. I suppose we should have included a line in our prayer asking for God’s forgiveness of her sins, but He already knew that. The prayer however was for her husband Aaron, their family, and friends. If there is anything we can pray for you, please let us know.


  2. Devastating riots, assaults and MURDER occurred at the hands of Republicans and Q! You are only perpetuating division by saying that this would be done minus murder if it were Democrats. Why even say this line? I pray that you better understand God, who loves both parties of people and all people for that matter…yes even brown people.


    • Kyle the statement is very honest and serves to make a point of reason. Over the past year, we witnessed Democrats riot, loot, commit arson, assault, several murders, and take over of 7 blocks renamed the autonomous zone. We watched and waited for the leadership of the Democrat party to call for an end to these acts being taken in the name of social justice. Only after Joe Biden became the nominee did he call for calm. I suggest this is clear evidence of how Democrats would have responded were the shoe on the other foot. We prayed relentlessly for calm during the riots, and we forgive those responsible for destroying black neighborhoods in several major cities. If we ignore the past, if we don’t state it clearly, if we don’t use it to educate, and if we don’t use it as a reminder, then we most certainly will repeat it again.

      Lastly regardless of how many years I have in ministry, each day I too pray for better understanding. As I mentioned above, if we’re not learning, we are repeating. Thanks for your comment. We don’t shy away from a debate at MCF. The events of last Wednesday in which a large number of peaceful protestors with a permit from the Department of Interior to gather on the Elipse in front of the White and then to march to the U.S. Capitol to gather again turned ugly when a small group of agitators encouraged others to enter the building illegally. Two of the agitators arrested so far are aligned with QAnon, and a third identified himself as representing Black Lives Matter and the founder of Utah-based Insurgence USA which aims to start a revolution. I suspect we will learn more in the coming days about others involved.

      Brother Thom


      • It’s safe to say that most people at the capitol were Q -alt right and Trump conservatives because they were wearing Q on their attire and holding Trump and Q flags, not to mention they were yelling Trumps name/slogans. Can we really say that Democrats set fires? Did the arsonists have Democrat and Biden attire/flags? Did anyone look up who they voted for? The answer is that we don’t know the political affiliation of looters and thugs who set fires. If you like facts, then you need to look again.

        Thanks Brother Thom, but you know what they say about people who make ASSumptions….


      • I don’t see in any evidence that “most” people were QAnon, two arrests have been made public where those individuals were aligned with the extremist conspiracy theory group. There is no question that the vast majority of those at the Capitol were Trump supporters. As for the riots following George Floyd, BML leaders were all too proud to discuss their activities, and the chants of “Black Lives Matter,” kind of gave them away. The Antifa antagonists were equally willing to say who they were as a group, the autonomous zone comes to mind. Another key element to the Floyd riots is BLM refused to denounce them. Usually, when a group isn’t involved in such activities they are quick to denounce it. Thanks for your comment, short of hate speech we try not to censor comments. May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you.


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