Brother Mark’s thoughts on Thanksgiving

This post comes to us from Brother Mark

On Thursday of this week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day here in the United States. For the first time in my life I find myself wondering for what we should be thankful. I find this to be a strange question . . . here in the United States is there anything for which to be thankful?

We appear to be living in a time when our leaders have forgotten how to lead. We are living in a time when our media daily stirs the pot called trouble rather than reporting the news of the day. We are divided, not only physically by this disease that has quietly conquered our nation, but by those who are supposed to guide us into the future. We now talk about “classes” in America. Each day I hear about the (1) wealthy elites, (2) the political class, (3) the BLM and antifa agitators, (4) the gun totin’, Bible thumpin’ rednecks, (5) the tens of millions of illegal immigrants, (6) the socialists, (7) those who want to protect who and what we are, and (8) those who want to tear down our nation and build a new and perfect one in its place.

Daily I read that approximately 75,000,000 people voted for each candidate in the election held a couple of weeks ago. Supposedly, we do not know who won that election. My record however, is intact. I have never voted for a presidential candidate who won. I would also note that my life has never come to an end because of a presidential election.

Each day I look to God for answers and can honestly say that He provides few. I am comforted by that. In many respects, the choices I make in life are mine. Though God is the rock upon which I stand, He still allows me to make my own choices. God is also the main thing in my life for which I am thankful. Belief in God was one of the founding principles of this country. The primacy of God in our society is the basis for that society. God gave us the Ten Commandments and those commandments are the basis for our laws. Our Founding Fathers, no matter how imperfect we may now find them, based this country upon freedom, opportunity, and the recognition that at the root of all that is, individual responsibility determines who and what we are. We are the prime movers in our own lives. The responsibility of government was to foster individual responsibility.

Individual responsibility may be the most important thing we have forgotten. God (government) does not make us go to church. It is our responsibility to choose to do that if we so desire. God (government) does not choose to motivate us to do better. It is our responsibility to work hard if we desire to have better lives. God (government) does not make us care for our fellow citizens. It is our responsibility to look around us and do what we need to do. God (government) does not elect the sorry excuse for leaders we place in charge of our country. We do that on our own.

God has given us, all of us in this country, the wonderful gift of freedom, the gift of self-determination, the gift to become what we make of ourselves. That we choose to throw that gift away is our choice . . . choice that is God’s gift to us. For all of the trouble self-determination causes, that is the one thing for which I am thankful.

I thank God for the opportunity to celebrate another Thanksgiving Day here in America. May God continue to bless her forever.

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