Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me

Brother Mark writes on our facebook page, but that doesn’t automatically translate to this site. I have crossposted the post below:

By Brother Mark, Moyock Christian Fellowship

As the fallout from the current political and medical crisis in our country drags on and on, it is difficult to really know what is going on. Do we need masks or not? Do we need to social distance or not? Did we need to destroy the fabric of our economy or not? Do we need to keep our children out of school or not? So far, I have seen answers I can believe to none of those questions.

In the Bible, the words “fear not” are used over 365 times, at least once for each day of the year. From the beginning I have chosen to obey those words. I live my life as if God is in control, as if God has us in His hands, as if God knows all about what is going on.

God has not abandoned us. God has not walked away from us. Instead, we have walked away from God. God did not create this virus. There is a good chance that it was created by man in a weapons lab or was a mistake in a research lab. God did not pronounce to us that millions would die. Man did that. God did not shut down the countries of the world. Man did that. Man has also chosen to shut down churches, to reduce our access to fellowship, to adoration, to prayer as we normally practice those things. There is another side to this however. Maybe God is telling us to come to Him. Maybe God is telling us to pray to Him. Maybe God is telling us that our relationship with Him does not require a building or fellowship with others. I do not know the answers.

What I do know is that God called to me to find a way to Him. Part of that way is Moyock Christian Fellowship. Part of that way is gathering with other believers to talk, share breakfast, pray, and study His word each Sunday. Part of that way is to continue helping others.

This week a friend reached out to me by email and told a story about a recently released inmate from a nearby prison. That inmate was having trouble finding a job, is living with his parents, and is generally going through all of the troubles an ex-felon deals with in our world. This week, that inmate’s sister died. She died suddenly and with no prior symptoms. That is a tragedy and I have prayed for her since learning of her untimely death.

The inmate had managed to save a little over a thousand dollars over the past year, and has now put all of that money towards the funeral of his sister. My friend reached out trying to raise the money for the remainder of the funeral. Between a large donation I made in the name of Moyock Christian Fellowship, a donation that matched those given by three other friends, we raised half the money required on the first day.

I do not say these things to motivate others to make donations or to give. I say them because the path we have chosen through this so-called crisis is a path that divides us, separates us from one another. It is up to us to maintain our relationship with God, to talk to Him on a daily basis, to seek His guidance in all that we do, to respond to that guidance as best we can. It is up to us to continue to do all that we can for our neighbor. A felon, a man punished for his mistake, a man suffering through the damage caused by that mistake, is still a neighbor who is hurting. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Praise be to God.

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