Update on Grayson and Mikey Meadows

Please continue to pray for these two children of God. So many, many people are praying for Grayson and Mikey, and we know there is power in prayer. Lift them up in the Name of Jesus. Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our Prayers.

Grayson’s mother Danyelle Kristyne posted an update last night on Grayson:

“Please continue praying without cease. My little boy needs it. The swelling has continued to increase but we stopped testing last night and gave his body some time to rest. He has not had any more movements. Modern medicine cannot handle his injuries but a gracious God who hears and answers our prayers can. I will not give up believing and begging for my child to be healed. Please join with me. Please ask God with me to heal my child. Don’t say you are praying because it’s the courteous thing to do and not pray. Drop to your knees and plea with God to give me my son back on this earth.”

Cara Stanco posted that Mikey is becoming more alert and has opened his eyes.

The GoFundMe campaign set up to assist Mikey and his son has seen over 450 people donate more than 24K in 24 hours. While that is wonderful I have no doubt much more will be needed.

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