What would Jesus do?

This morning after sunrise, Brother Brian and I met for breakfast and and then a Bible study led by Brother Mark. As we gathered well under the maximum allowable number of 10 persons in our home State, we were reminded that Jesus not only ministered to the unclean with leprosy, he touched and healed them too. While we were socially distant and likely not carriers of the virus during our time together, the reminder of Jesus’ example was not lost on us.

In our discussions before and after the lesson we were concerned about the lack of access to Palm Sunday services or events. Only one Pastor that we are aware of lived out Jesus’ example this morning and that was Pastor Bill Masciangelo, in Moncks Corner, SC. He offered drive by palms and prayers in his community.

Discussing Pastor Bill’s example, we asked what is our community doing on Easter Sunday. Sure there will be ton’s of facebook live events, zoom teleconference services and YouTube uploaded sermons. But we have to ask what about the person to person experience of the Peace of Jesus Christ. So we are mulling over how we can serve Communion to the community next week, in a safe, sanitary, and socially distancing manner. This is possible with a drive thru event. We are called to work out the logistics.

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