Update on our Transition

We have been making a slow and gradual shift from Moyock Christian Fellowship to New Wesleyan over the past several months. Today marks another milestone in that transition. Our name at the top of this page has dropped the “Moyock Christian is” and now stands alone but united behind the new name “New Wesleyan.”

As our visitors grew from mostly Moyock, NC to Hampton Roads, VA, south to Georgia and Florida and then west to California we wanted to do several things. First was to be more recognizable as Methodist, second becoming recognizable to a larger national audience and lastly a new name that wasn’t locally recognizable but one that had global recognition.

It’s impossible to know what God has planned for us next, but we were surprised when he took us global. God has used us as his hands and feet in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to much larger audience around the world. We are humbled by that responsibility and pray we meet His expectations every day.

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