Virginia Governor Says he Supports Murdering Third Trimester Babies up to and including Birth

Evil is alive and well in America and few places see it more so than the state of Virginia. On January 30th of this Gov. Ralph Northam told listeners why he supports murdering full term babies. We often forget that satan is busy here on earth, and inhabits the souls of men and women that walk among us. Northam is indicative of a soul lost to satan.

3 thoughts on “Virginia Governor Says he Supports Murdering Third Trimester Babies up to and including Birth

  1. So those who are offended by his words I guess believe in bloodletting as well. Did you not listen to what he said? This is not about killing babies this is about being the most humane under the most difficult circumstances. When infants were born with great deformities historically they might have even been left in the cold to die. With our technology what he is explaining is that it’s not abortive but to allow for the birth and allow for the dignity of letting a non-viable infant be in comfort. If anyone took the time to actually know why a third trimester abortion would take place it is always because of some great abnormality that would impact on the mother’s Life. And always is because of a non-viable fetus. Propaganda for your cause is unacceptable


    • The word he used was “severe” deformities. Many common congenital deformities are considered severe and include cleft lips and palates, clubfeet, spina bifida, and spinal deformities like scoliosis, kyphosis, and hyperlordosis. … Congenital deformities can range from mild to severe. Mild deformities might not be visible or cause any symptoms. Many of these are correctable, but under the Governor’s plan a woman who doesn’t want a child with a palatoplasty scare could opt to terminate that child. Any discussion on second and third trimester abortion must include what the parameters are. Abortion based on eugenics should not be allowed as it was the foundation of Margaret Sangers birth of planned parenthood.


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