New Church to Share – River Oak Church in Chesapeake, VA

As a Para-Church ministry we are free to visit and worship in many traditional churches on Sunday. This morning several of us gathered up and headed to River Oak Church, in Chesapeake, VA. For those local to our ministry out of Moyock, NC, – River Oak is the large church on the right heading south on the Chesapeake Expressway (168). River Oak is currently building Phase Four of their expansive facility.

We attended the 9:30am service, but you can also attend the 8:00am or 11:15am service. If none of those work for you they have a 6:00pm service on Saturday evenings.

We arrived 15 minutes early and seats were already filling up. We were greeted with fresh coffee, and pastries and then headed to our seats. There were very few empty seats at the 9:30 service with hundreds in attendance. The new Phase Four Worship Center will seat over 1,200 per service.

Lead Pastor Heath Burris followed the worship music which was absolutely joyous to the Lord. Pastor Heath delivered a message that was Biblically sound and captivating. I have no doubt we will be back.

One thought on “New Church to Share – River Oak Church in Chesapeake, VA

  1. I was impressed by the courtesy of the greeters and by the hospitality staff of the church. Parking was abundant and seemed to be more than adequate. There were many people in the parking areas to guide visitors to and from the church. Additionally, there was a police presence on the streets to improve entrance and egress. The attendance at the 9:30 service was astounding, especially considering the size of the rural churches with which I am most familiar. The musical praise was very well done and the sermon folksy and followed scripture word for word. I did sit for a while wondering how difficult it would be to get to know people in such a large place, but then thought about how our small group had attended for the experience. That brought me back to earth with a sense that a church that size must have dozens and dozens of small groups, Bible Study groups, Sunday School classes and fellowship gatherings to make it work. I am sure I will return to learn more.

    Most importantly, the praise singing and the sermon spoke directly to me this morning. When in church, it doesn’t take a lot for me to connect. That happened quickly this morning.


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