Prayer Request

Brother Mark wrote this beautiful prayer for Kevin Poole, the son of Randy and Evonne Pool of Discover Church, Chesapeake, VA. Kevin is undergoing a serious surgery.

Dear God, each day I am awed by the magnificence of your creation.  I sit in awe of the daily fireworks of sunrise and sunset: I love to listen to the wind whistling through the trees and watch the waves crashing on to the beaches.  The entire universe is Your handiwork.  Today I come to you asking that You be with Kevin Poole as he is soon to undergo a serious surgery.  Please protect him, guide his physicians in the operating room, and be with his care givers during and following his surgery.  Please give his parents, Randy and Evonne, the strength and faith to see this trying time through to a successful conclusion.  May their love for one another, for their son, and for You remain strong and faithful.  In the name of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ, I pray these things.  Amen

3 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. There are so many, many things we can do in the name of Christ. Writing prayers can be done quietly and easily from the home. Open your heart and share with others how you feel about God and His creation. Serving through Hospice required but a few short days of training in Elizabeth City or Chesapeake. There are few things more fulfilling than being able to sit with a dying person and give a caregiver a brief break. Serving in Emmaus is an honor. It brings practicing Christians to another full level of understanding about serving Christ, about what it is like to see extreme servanthood. Kairos reaches into the prisons and attempts to bring Jesus into being for the forgotten of our society. Neighborhood projects provide remediation for those in need, be it delivering meals, building ramps for those lacking mobility, or just providing a place of peace and quiet for others. Food and fellowship gives all of us an opportunity to be with like-minded people in a public setting. Sometimes it just feels good to share a prayer, followed by a meal and fellowship. Small groups provide a forum for monitoring our own behavior and sharing not only our joys, but also our concerns. Christianity is supposed to be an active, vibrant religion. Get involved. Go out and do something for our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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