Administrative Notes

New Page

We have added a new page on Funerals under the Resources Tab. We hope this page can be of use to those in need.

We’re Closed on Sunday’s

Well we’re not exactly closed on Sunday’s because we’re always open, but we are no longer doing posts on Sunday’s in observance of the Sabbath. Emergent prayer needs will be posted on Sunday’s, but probably nothing else.

Then they returned and prepared spices and ointments. On the Sabbath they rested according to the commandment. Luke 23:56

We encourage you to carve out Sunday’s as not only a day of rest, but a day of reflection and communion with God. Gather your family around a meal and enjoy one another’s company. Above all else, pray together.


We not only invite you to comment on our posts, we encourage it. Challenge us on what we say, or share your own thoughts, ideas or concerns. Everyone has voice here.

Original Content

We are loading more and more original content. We did run into an issue with our video editing software, but we purchased a new editing suite and we’re back up and running.

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