United Methodist Church Ordains Non-Binary Clergy

M. Barclay

You read that headline right, the United Methodist Church has ordained a person born a man, living as a woman in a same sex relationship transgender. The Rev. M. Barclay who now identifies as non-binary meaning he/she is neither male or female and is the first transgender individual to be commissioned and to be ordained a deacon in the denomination. They as them likes to be called is now a fully ordained member of the clergy. Let me say that again, they or them (the pronouns they or them use) was ordained as a non-binary pastor in the United Methodist Church.

What should get your attention is that this ordination violates the denominations law on ordaining gay clergy. This is all very confusing since they or them is now identifying as neither male or female, but is still a transgendered individual that has the outward appearance of a she.

What this means is a Bishop made the decision to violate the book of discipline and do their own thing. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, progressives in the denomination have also decided to set aside scripture that doesn’t fit their new social narrative. Friends you can’t make this stuff up.


Clare Hepler wrote a good piece on this subject, that’s the non-binary clergy subject on the The Institute on Religion & Democracy. Bishop Sally Dyck is responsible for ordaining M. Barclay. This act by Dyck means she will be punished by God for not obeying mans law. That law would be the book of discipline.

There is no doubt that the United Methodist Church has lost its moral compass.

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