Do United Methodist believe in Abortion, and what do you believe

22 Week Old Baby – Legal to Abort in the USA

Clare Hepler’s article on Churches & Abortion brings up a topic churches don’t seem to like talking about in public. Clare’s article details the official positions many denominations have taken on abortion. Of interest to us is the position of the United Methodist Church.

Clare states “The United Methodist Church’s position is unclear. They oppose partial birth abortion and abortion as a means of gender selection or birth control but endorse the legal option of abortion under proper medical procedures.”

The UMC Book of Discipline which serves as the denominations book of laws states that “Our belief in the sanctity of unborn human life makes us reluctant to approve abortion.” Though they say they are reluctant, they go on to say they support a woman’s choice.

This is important for church shoppers to know when making a decision to visit or join a church. What do they believe and do those beliefs match my own. For traditionalist, the answer is these belief’s do not match our system of moral belief’s.

Right now church shoppers and those in UMC congregations have to ask themselves “what do I believe.” Under the current protocol for separation plan, if approved at the May 2020 general conference, progressives will retain the name United Methodist, and traditionalists will form a new denomination under a new name yet to be determined.

The name United Methodist Church will then be synonymous with “gay church” and “pro choice church.”

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