78% of the unchurched would listen to someone who shared what they believed about Christianity

I read an interesting and eye opening article on this topic the other day. When we are given the opportunity to share Christ with others, we tend to give it everything. We fill the person we’re talking to with everything we have. And then when we’re finished, they tend to look at us like we have three eyes.

The reason is that while we talking and giving it everything we have, we’re not listening. Probably the best thing we could do when given the opportunity to share Christ with others is ask “where do you attend church?” This is a safer question than hitting them with the standard “are you a Christian.” We aren’t going to get very far if we put them on the spot and yes, on the defensive about who they are.

The church question allows people to give an easy response of “we’re in between church right now.” This gives them the opportunity to tell you who they are and maybe even what they believe. We then should move slowly and cautiously with what we say so that we don’t bomb them information before understanding what they are looking for.

We need to know our audience. It’s probably not a good idea to hit someone with the full King James Bible if they are new to Christianity. An easier introduction with the New International Version or Common English Bible. Sometimes we can scare off people that we otherwise could at least get a foot in the door.

My church is the best place in town to attend Sunday service! Maybe not. If we listen to people we meet, we might find they are a better fit for another church in town. It doesn’t have to be a my church or nothing proposition. If we can help find a church home that fits the needs of the individual or family, then we have served God well.

A family with children should be told about worship opportunities with child care, or children’s church. A family with teens should be told about churches with a robust teen program. The demographics profile of the person(s) we’re talking to should be taken into consideration. We need to be focused on bringing individuals and families to Christ in whatever setting works best for them, not the setting that works best for us.

The bottom line is that we need to listen more than we talk when sharing the Peace of Jesus Christ. Don’t miss an opportunity to share God with others. Don’t be that person that get’s to the car and realizes a missed opportunity.

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