Only 8% of regular church attenders believe that sharing their faith is “very important.”

This statistic is the very reason church attendance is so down nationwide. We don’t get outside the church walls and share the Peace of Jesus Christ with family, friends and those we encounter in the marketplace. We have to do better. We can’t be afraid to share Jesus with others. None of us hold a monopoly on the Gospel, it’s there for us to share.

A pastor I served under for many years started an “I Am Second” campaign back around 2012. Pastor Bill Masciangelo purchased “I Am Second” wristbands and gave one to everyone in the congregation. They were an instant hit in the marketplace. People noticed them, and many wanted to know what the wristband meant. They were conversation starters. Even if the person didn’t want to engage in a conversation about Jesus, the impression had been made.

Admiral Locklear, USN, Ret.

Years ago I worked for Admiral Sam Locklear, USN, Ret. at the U.S. Naval Academy. In a discussion with staff one day he made the comment that not everything we teach Midshipmen will click with them right away. But he made this statement that has resonated with me to this day. He said, “we have inoculated them with information,” that will click someday.

I think that applies to what we do in the marketplace. Even if all we do is live by a Christ like example for others to see, and make no secret of our faith, we are inoculating those around us.

Now I suggest you go to work for God, and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

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