Special Prayer Request for Deborah Smith

Join us in a day of prayer. Deborah Smith and many of her friends with ocular melanoma, have been on our prayer list for a number of months. Deborah has shared with her friends that over Thanksgiving she learned that her ocular melanoma has spread and developed into metastatic disease. A little about OM and METS:

Ocular melanoma can spread to any organ in the body. After the liver, common sites include the lung, bones and brain. Approximately 50% of ocular melanoma patients will develop metastatic disease within 15 years of the original diagnosis, and currently there is no cure for metastatic OM.

Deborah will be traveling to Tennessee on January 3rd to explore a clinical trial of the drug IDE196. Then on January 9th, she will visit Emory in Atlanta to explore the drug Y90. We are in prayer that these trials hold promise in treating Deborah’s disease.

Let us also be in prayer for Deborah’s friends, Lori Lee, Christina Strong, Tammy Alexander, Mark Johnson, Lois Hughes, and Devyn Anderson, and Salina who are also battling ocular melanoma.

Father God, we humbly pray for all those who are fighting ocular melanoma and metastatic disease. We ask that You give them the hope and courage they need each day. Comfort them in their pain and bless them with healing. Strengthen their family, friends, and caregivers. In Jesus precious Name we pray Amen.

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