University of Virginia Orthopaedic Surgery Center

By Brother Thom

Just yesterday, Tuesday the 17th of December, we made our third trip to Charlottesville, VA. Brian was due for his second follow-up visit to his surgery. Since Brian is still prohibited from driving, and his wife Vickie isn’t fond of long distance driving, we made it a road trip. With Mark riding shotgun, we headed west.

Literally in the blink of an eye, we were at our destination at UVA. Our lively conversations and fellowship always put us at risk of driving past our exit, but we managed to get there on time yesterday. Brian’s check up on his knee wasn’t as favorable as he would have liked it to be, but the surgeon said he’s about where he (the surgeon) thought he would be.

Following our doctors visit we headed to Anna’s Pizza for lunch. This was our second visit to Anna’s and we had another wonderfully classic Italian lunch. Anna’s hasn’t changed in five decades, the interior is the same and the fixtures are the same. What’s also the same is the quality service and fresh food. They make everything including the sauce and mozzarella balls from scratch.

The best news of the day was that God saw us safely home to Moyock, NC. It’s still hard to believe we spent the day on the road, because we had such great fun, fellowship and food.

Please keep Brian’s recovery in your thoughts and prayers. God is listening.

One thought on “University of Virginia Orthopaedic Surgery Center

  1. This whole process has been great. I would have preferred it not involving the 4th surgery and the pain associated with it, but my support system is second to none!


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