End Stage Cancer – A Prayer for Mark Carriker

Mark left, Matt right

Mark Carriker is fighting end stage cancer. He recently made the decision to end treatment and being palliative care, and later hospice. Please pray for Mark and his family. We ask God to ease his pain and welcome him home when the time is right. Mark is an incredible young man, and his strength and courage are inspiring to so many. You can follow Mark on his YouTube channel for updates on his condition.

18 thoughts on “End Stage Cancer – A Prayer for Mark Carriker

  1. Hey Mark! I’ve seen some of your videos and wondered if you have heard of “fenbendazole”. I know you have stopped treatment and are on palliative care. Cancer is a bitch, my mom died of adenocarcinoma, my sister and I took care of her at home where she could be comfortable. If I had known about any alternative, I would have discussed it with my mom. A woman named Kerri Parker and a man named Joe Tippens have had good results with fenbendazole which is, wait for it, an animal dewormer. Yes, really. I know it sounds like a joke, but you can google it. This stuff interferes with cancer’s ability to feed on glucose, so the tumors starve to death. You can actually buy this stuff on Amazon, the best kind is the stuff used to treat parasites in fish because it has less fillers. It also is called “Panacure”. Kerri Parker and Joe Tippens both have Youtube videos you can watch. If I had cancer I would stockpile this stuff. I hope this message gets to you. Good luck on your journey, wherever it may lead.


    • Sometimes being sick from treatment with a poor success rate robs a patient of time – the precious little time they have – to actually live (being with family, enjoying a sunny day, eating a favourite food, the list goes on….). I’m not saying you are doing this, but try to not judge or criticize a seriously ill person for the decisions s/he makes. It really is a personal choice. God bless.


    • More often than not it’s not the disease that kills, it’s the side effects from the medication to fight the disease that does. If you are faced with the choice to spend a few more weeks with your loved ones at home, lucid and in comparable comfort compared to feeling miserable and sick, being poked and prodded in a hospital to maybe gain a few months, then I know what I’d pick without a second thought. With an illness this grave, they know. And they can let go. Sometimes they stick around longer than they should for us. As terrible as it is to lose them, for them it is a relief.


    • You know when its time to stop. God is charge. We have to accept the truth. He made the right decision even of we donโ€™t like it. RIP Mark!


  2. Mark, I have been following your brothers video journey for a short time and learned of your cancer. I pray for you and your family. I pray that the peace of God be upon you as you go through this journey. May the good Lord watch over you and your family.


  3. Wow Mark..
    I started following you after I seen a video of you on your brother Matt’s page. Every video you make, I so wanted to comment on to offer words of encouragement. Regardless the video, I made sure to press that like button ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    Your going home. Your mechanically inclined. You know energy dosent cease to exhist. We are all part of the figure 8.
    I know it’s hard. I have a heart condition. Cardiologist told me I would be dead 10 years ago. I laughed. It seems my strength to adversity. Laughing.
    An son, you need to screw what people say. I saw your last video. I thought it was heartbreaking. You do you. Express your feelings. I can’t tell you how many times I have regretted saying things. An you know what those that love me still never left my side. I’m not saying make people a punching bags. But don’t feel obligate to be the life of the party. Express yourself. Believe it or not. Most will understand.
    Curious, have you tried CBD? It might help alot. Stir your appetite. Help with the mood swings. It’s legal now, in Texas.
    In the mean time hug those babies and your beautiful wife. Give them one from me. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Best thoughts.
    Your neighbor, well close enough.๐Ÿ˜‚


  4. Prayers for you and your family Jackie, Your post on Marks page broke my heart. May you find peace in the fact that he is now pain free and flying with the angels.


  5. Mark, I have been following you, and yor brother’s channel for a pretty short time, and I recently just found out that you are battling end stage cancer. May the great Lord watch over you and your families’ health. I Also found out that you have stopped treatment. I know it was a tough desicion to think about. But if I were you I would pick that same desicion. I’d rather spend the last few months of my life with my family then do treatment in the hospital which is completely useless of saving your life. When the time comes, You will be flying with the angels, Happy forever. I am praying for you mark, God bless.


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