Fun Facts for Christians

MCF – Sorry folks, but another not so fun fact.

62% of all Millennials seldom or never attend church.

While that’s pretty bad news, we do have some good news. Those millennials represent a huge chunk of our Outreach Ministry. When we launched this ministry our goal was to reach the approximately 80% of the population that doesn’t attend a brick and mortar church. We wanted to bring God’s word to those people via their laptops, computers and smart phones. By the way our site is optimized for Android and iPhone.

We try to limit our video’s to around 7 minutes in length, provide short easily understood scripture (in both King James Version and Common English Versions), and articles and stories that also can be read in about 7 minutes. Reaching a diverse and changing population means we have to be ready to meet their needs, use their mediums, and provide access to spiritual growth on their terms.

Finally, we hope thru reaching out to those who do not attend church, that we might help them grow in their walk with Jesus Christ … and when they are ready, maybe we can help them find a church family that fits their needs.

Our Worship page on this site lists five churches that we are very familiar with and that we know have a solid footing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and are in steady walks with the Lord. We will be expanding our list churches soon.

May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you today and always.

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