Housekeeping Notes

We are excited about the progress our ministry is making locally and with our growing national audience. We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our site.

  • Video’s – Our goal is to keep all video’s in the seven minute range. This is to ensure our content is considerate of your time, and easily accessible for families and individuals on the go. It’s no quantity, it’s quality.
  • Scripture – Our goal here is similar to the one stated above. We try to keep Today’s Scripture on point, and it matches up with the daily lesson from David Servant. We always provide our scripture in both the King James version and the Common English version.
  • Search – Remember something you read or saw and want to refer back to it. Use our search option to find it fast.
  • Categories – Want to see all of David Servants lessons displayed or every scripture, or particular author. Visit our categories tab at the bottom of the page. Click and category and everything will be displayed.
  • Events – Everything you need to know displayed in calendar view. Hover over an item and see what’s it about. Click on for more detail. Want to submit your event, send us an email.
  • Prayer – Have a prayer concern, click the prayer tab drop down menu and submit. We invite everyone to join us in prayer for those on our list. We are in prayer everyday and that includes Holiday’s.
  • Facebook – Almost everything we post automatically posts to facebook. Somethings like our prayer requests we manually push to facebook as changes and updates are made. Like us on facebook.

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