Extreme Hospital Visit – Part II

Anna’s Ristorante

By Brother Thom

This morning Brian, his wife Vickie, Mark and I departed Moyock at 9am for our second road trip to the University of Virginia Hospital at Charlottesville. As always the long ride was made short by great fellowship and conversation. We arrived a little early for Brian’s two week check up on his right knee surgery. He received a great progress report for the surgeon, had enough staples removed to scare anyone, and was told he can now bend his knee to 90 degrees.

After the doctors visit we had lunch at Anna’s Ristorante & Pizzeria. My job while Brian was seeing the doctor was to find a place for lunch. After reading way too many reviews on restaurants that said “average college town food,” I found Anna’s review. It said the food was great. Several reviewers noted that their parents and grandparents had been to this family business. One warned the food was good but the restaurant “hasn’t been updated since the 60’s or 70’s. Everything was true. The food was amazing and it was like walking into the 70’s.

We give all the praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for a safe trip up and back, for Brian’s good progress report, and for Anna’s great lunch. The waitress remarked how wonderful it was to see people praying in public. Our witness is the only Bible some will ever read.

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