Can we Pray for our Animals?


From Brother Thom: 

UPDATE: As of 8pm last night (the 17th of Nov), Tommy had made it thru surgery. They did find the blockage in her stomach to be a hairball. She is in recovery now and still in guarded condition.

This morning we ask for prayer for one of God’s creatures.  My son’s Farret “Tommy” is only two years old, but this morning finds her at the Emergency Vet critically ill.  We ask that God guide the hands of the Doctors and medical staff, that His will be done.

The Bible teaches us that God created animals. They aren’t the product of happenstance or fortuitous natural processes any more than humans are. Genesis 1:24-25 says God created the animals, from the beasts of the earth to the creeping insects. Scripture even tells us that the breath of life resides within them (Gen. 7:15). By virtue of our creation in the image of God, we humans are uniquely special in comparison to all of creation, but that does not mean the rest of creation has no value to God or that he doesn’t enjoy it.”  Source:  Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.  

What this tell us, is that God enjoys the creatures he created, and that we too are to enjoy his creations and care for them. So the answer to the question can we pray for animals is a resounding yes.

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